Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimized contents to channelize potential users to your brand.

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Content Marketing

Content marketing is the mainstay in digital marketing. We assign a dedicated content marketing team for each of our clients.

Google Business Profile/ Local SEO

Creating Google Business Profile page and optimizing to display it to local clients. Reaching out to customers, who will be searching for “business/ product near me”, aiding exceptional growth.


Search engine optimized blogs for directing the users to your website. The blogs that are informative and useful to the customers will direct customers to your website.

Analytical Tools Integration

In-depth analysis using all the online tools to identify performing keywords and contents. And enhancing the efficacy by altering the contents depending on the changes in search algorithms.

On-Page SEO

By optimizing your web pages, we ensure that the websites well in the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). For achieving great reach, publicity, brand identity and conversions.

Backlink Building

Creating backlinks in top web pages to boost link building and generate extensive in-bound traffic. We choose custom sites depending on the brand, for promotions and publicity.

Transforming Businesses through Digital Marketing

Transform your business through thoughtfully created, adequately embellished, social media marketing campaigns with SpiderWorks, the trusted digital marketing company in UK. We offer distinctively created campaigns, a beautiful amalgamation of creativity and marketing skills, to mark your presence felt. Let’s make your brand number one in the field.

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Digital marketing


Search Engine Optimization process pursued by us has been derived after several brainstorming sessions and beta testing. For our clientele to have an upper hand in the field.


Brand Analysis

Our team will analyze the brand and the similar products available in the market, for finalizing the way ahead.


Keyword Analytics

Keyword analytics to ascertain the best performing keyword in the area where the product to be available and UX assessment.


Content Preparation

The team of content specialists will create contents, strategically placing the keywords, in the topic identified by the digital marketing experts.


Strategic Optimization

We will improve your website ranking by instituting exclusive technical tweaks and keywords, besides directing traffic through third-party sites.


Our SEO clients in Birmingham talks about the business success they achieved through the search engine optimization services offered by SpiderWorks.

Kilton Business Setup Services
Riyaz Kilton

It was a pleasure associating with SpiderWorks for our digital marketing activities. They have helped Kiltons in 360° marketing and digital aspects. Appreciate their works and always recommend SpiderWorks.

Kilton Business Setup Services

Riyaz Kilton

Managing Director, Kiltons Business Set Up Services, UAE
Charles D Managing Director CDA Audit
Charles D

We have known and been working with SpiderWorks Technologies for the last few years, for our website development and digital marketing needs. Needless to say, we are very happy with the quality of service and uninterrupted support they provide. Also, the team is up-to-date on digital trends and advanced technologies. They have always kept our best interests at heart and continue to deliver remarkable performance. Looking forward to more wonderful years of association with Team SpiderWorks!

Charles D Managing Director CDA Audit

Charles D

Managing Director, Charles & Darwish Associates UAE
Hykon Marketing Client
Balamurali Haneesh

We have been using SpiderWorks for a year now, and I can say that they have been instrumental in meeting our KPIs. We are grateful to SpiderWorks for the work they have done for us.

Hykon Marketing Client

Balamurali Haneesh

IT Consultant, Klean Keepers
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commitments & Guarantee

Having a legacy of committed performance for more than one and half decades, we will be your reliable SEO agency in Birmingham, providing you with all-encompassing assistance to boost your search engine visibility and reach. Your business growth is guaranteed through our full-fledged SEO services.

Keyword Ranking

Boost your keyword ranking to ensure your website gets the ranking it deserves for your keywords.

Creating Traffic

Display your optimized content to potential users when they search on Google. Get more visitors to your website.

Enhanced Conversions

With contents that are created considering user perceptions and psyche, our team enhance conversions.

Dedicated Manager

We provide a dedicated SEO manager for each of our clients, for delivering optimal support.

Optimistic Approach

Confident and optimistic approach from SpiderWorks will boost your confidence and help in performance.

Reliable Services

We have been providing dependable, credible, and reliable SEO services for more than fifteen years.

Case Studies

Learn how we executed campaigns to get results

Kiltons Business Setup Services LLC

Kiltons Business Setup Services LLC is one of the leading business setup services across the UAE providing unparalleled business services for those who desire to start an initiative by leveraging the UAE market. SpiderWorks associated with Kiltons to handle the SEO, PPC, and Social Media Marketing for the UAE location. Right from a structured website to an established presence over the Internet, we help Kiltons grow and emerge as one of the top business service providers across the Middle East. From nowhere in the top 100s of Google SERP, SpiderWorks has improved the SEO performance of our client, ranking 120+ keywords on the first page of the search results, and increasing social media audience by 3K+ users.

CDA Accounting & Bookkeeping Services LLC

CDA Accounting and Bookkeeping Services LLC is one of the leading accounting and auditing firms in Dubai, providing outstanding financial services across the UAE for more than a decade. CDA’s association with SpiderWorks was to establish their online presence, SEO footprint and to improve keyword ranking and organic traffic. With our perfect strategic plans and digital marketing efforts, we ranked CDA in the first of Google SERP for more than 150 keywords and generated more organic leads to their website. In two years, CDA’s total website traffic increased by more than 50%, and the organic search traffic by more than 40 percent. To be specific, CDA has achieved significant improvement in the number of new users, sessions, and total users in two years.

Sage Education Services

Sage Education Services, a renowned tutoring and admission consulting service provider in Dubai, UAE, partnered with SpiderWorks to improve their online presence, keyword ranking and traffic to the website. SpiderWorks has been collaborating with Sage for more than two years providing digital marketing services including SEO, Social Media Marketing, and Google Ads. Through this association, SpiderWorks could rank more than 60+ high search volume keywords of Sage to the top positions of Google SERP and generate high traffic to the website. When we reach our 2+ years of association, we could grow the total number of visitors to the Sage website by 88%, and the total organic traffic by 138%. Besides growing the traffic via Google and Bing searches, we brought substantial progress in the website page views and sessions. Above all, our constant efforts could improve the website look, site authority and health, and leads, thereby improving the business conversions.

Talk to our SEO Experts

Would you like to talk to our SEO experts and find out what we can do for your business? We can have a free session with our search engine optimization experts and they will help you understand how to improve the ranking of your website.


Some awesome words from awesome people

SpiderWorks was incorporated in 2005 and has been specialising in SEO services in UK since then. Our founder has over 20 years of experience in building and optimising websites.

Cost depends on several factors including the competition in your business segment, how big is your website and how much investment you are read to put for content development and content marketing. Our typical SEO services charges are in the range of AED 1500 to AED 4500 per month. 

SEO is a highly specialised service and we do not think anyone else can handle our projects as efficiently as we do. We have a pool of about 30 members working with us, who are skilled in handling local as well as international projects.

It depends on a lot of parameters. In the case of low competition segments, we can pretty quickly rank websites, as early as 1 to 2 months. In general,  new websites may take 4 to 6 months to achieve traffic goals.

Instant ranking is possible only through cheating the system. Such options can lead to permanent or long term penalisation from search engines which will be disastrous for your business. Unethical and spammy SEO can lead to serious harm to your website's ranking in the long term. Organic SEO takes time to build ranking. We do not offer any quick and instant ranking options for the best interest of our clients and for ethical reasons.

Age of domain doesn't really matter. But how long the business website has been live on the current domain matters. Older websites usually mean a lot of organic backlinks are created to the website organically over a period of time and this will help in natural search engine ranking.

We are proud and confident to say we are the No: 1 SEO Agency in Birmingham. There is no other company in UK which can claim the kind of history we have and the expertise we acquired over the past 2 decades in the search engine world. We developed and manage several websites some of which receive millions of page views every month through organic search engine traffic.

Sure, we can give you a number of client references. Just ping us and we will happily share the contact details of our clients who can vouch for us.  Kilton's, Reach UK, CDA Accounting and Bookkeeping Services LLC, Sage Education, E Pillars, Aesthetix Global, SGH-Nanoori Spine, and Joint Clinic, Marhaba Care, etc are some of our clients in UK.

Of course we do. We offer SEO services to several clients in USA, Australia, Canada, UK, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait etc.

Well, some of them are our secret recipes and we cannot share it until you become our client. However, our SEO strategies are centred around content building and content marketing, which remains pretty much the same in the last 20 years.  The primary advantage of content-based organic optimisation is, it will never attract the penalisation from search engines and the ranking we acquire is almost permanent in nature.

Well, the cost varies significantly based on a number of factors like the online competition in your business, the locations you are targeting your website to rank, the current ranking your website has, the number of services that you expect to rank, number of pages your website has and so on. It is not possible to give a generic SEO package without doing an analysis of your current situation. If you like to get an accurate SEO quote, please contact us and we will be happy to come back with an SEO proposal.

Sorry, we can't. Our strategies are unique and our value proposition could be different from others. Just give us a call and we will explain in detail why our rates are not the lowest in the industry. We have no doubt you will be convinced on the value we offer.

Thank you for choosing SpiderWorks as your SEO company. Just give us a call and we will initiate the project. Depending on the nature of your business, we will choose a team with prior experience in your segment and skills that match your requirements. We will assign a project coordinator who will take forward the project from that point. At any time, if you are not happy, just walk into our office and our higher authorities will step into the project.

SEO is one of several digital marketing services we offer in UK. Our other services include website designing, web application development, content marketing, social media marketing, Facebook advertising, online reputation management, ecommerce development, logo designing and other brand management services.

TOP SEO Company in Birmingham, UK

SpiderWorks Technologies, established in 2005 in its home country, has entered its 16th year of service in 2021. The exhaustive SEO  experience we acquired through these years has been immense and that energizes us during the stride forward. We have been working with several reputed firms in Birmingham with synergy and commitment, which have been instrumental in making us the best digital marketing agency in Birmingham.

With more than 15 years of experience in every facet of digital marketing, SpiderWorks Technologies has earned several remarkable achievements. We have been creating our identity as the most dependable SEO agency in UK. It is not a coincidence that SpiderWorks is one of the most successful digital marketing agencies in its home country. Such accomplishments do not come easy. It necessitates years of dedicated efforts and commitment to clients.  

We are proud of serving exemplarily successful clients from different areas of businesses and professions. Malayala Manorama, Skyline Builders, Abad Hotels, IndusGo, Indus Motors, and Logic School of Management, to name a few. The team of professionals at SpiderWorks pursues comprehensive study and analysis before commencing the digital marketing of each client. The formulated marketing tact would be discussed with the client to include their suggestions, opinions, and observations. Following this methodology thoroughly, has been the prime reason for SpiderWorks Technologies becoming one of the best digital marketing companies in UK.  

There are several SEO companies in Birmingham. Therefore, reaching the top spot, and achieving the title of the best SEO agency in Birmingham, did not happen by itself. We accomplished this by a meticulous and dutiful attitude towards our clients. We believe that we must stand by our words. With that belief, we complete every task within the promised time and schedule. Our team will work relentlessly to ensure that you reach your goal. With this assertive approach only, we became one of the leading digital marketing companies in Birmingham.  

Trusted SEO Services for your Business

Our founder has more than two decades of experience in the digital world. Commencing his journey in the IT world in 1998, the same year as Google, his expertise and knowledge are the foundation stones, where SpiderWorks stands strong. We are one of the first digital marketing agencies in Birmingham and have a proven record of accomplishment.  

We aim to generate organic SEO by pursuing exclusively formulated strategies and algorithmic calculations. Thereby, you can get more leads through organic reach. Tweaking the web content, blogs, and articles to generate maximum organic SEO has been our forte. Thus, the amount spent by our clients is less compared to other marketing methods and digital marketing campaigns.

Search Engine Optimization requires the digital marketing professionals to have an all-encompassing awareness of the search functionalities and prepare the content accordingly. Google, Bing, and other search engines keep on amending their algorithms to prevent spam and ensure that the users get a perfect search result. Hence, the content you create must be genuine and useful to the customers/ users. Else, it will be lost in the numerous articles online and will not appear in the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). In fact content marketing plays a pivotal role in improving the overall organic visibility on Google.

The game is to get your page on the first page of SERP and at the top position, i.e. Position Zero (P0). Alternatively called “Featured Snippet”. Ensuring that your brand reaches Position Zero/ Featured Snippet will be a game-changer for you. It will ensure a quantum leap in Click Through Rate (CTR).

Fake content and meaningless stories will not give you any useful lead. That could be converted to a sale. The content has to have something for the user/ potential customer. Our understandings of these aspects are what made us the best digital marketing agency in UK. You may search for the best digital marketing agencies in UK. And we are sure that SpiderWorks Technologies will top the chart. 

How SpiderWorks Technologies ensure the best SEO?

We own several portals, in addition to the SpiderWorks Technologies website. We will promote you through those portals too, by creating effective backlinks. This will generate better traffic to your website with possibilities of conversions. Creating leads is a difficult task for many other digital marketing agencies, fortunately not for us. By placing content related to our clients on our websites, which can provide an optimum result, we produce an unmatched outcome. 

The long experience in the field has helped us in networking efficiently. We are in close association with numerous webmasters and websites. We will exchange content, in the form of blogs and articles, with other portals. It has been a proven method to obtain maximum reachability for a business. We will not leave any stone unturned in gaining success for our clients. 

SpiderWorks understands that there is no shortcut to success. We have succeeded in becoming the best digital marketing company in UK through all the above-mentioned methods only. We endeavour to maintain the same zest and zeal in aiding our exclusive clients to reach the zenith of success. 

Do you have a project in mind? Do you require expert advice regarding digital marketing? Are you searching for a credible and dependable digital marketing agency in UK? 

SpiderWorks will be the best partner for all your digital marketing needs. Why wait? Just contact us to discuss your project.